Laying the foundations for a perfect partnership

Late in 2016 we were invited to be part of a new Government scheme called the Home Building Fund. The scheme is run by the Homes and Communities Agency and is designed specifically to help small builders, community builders, custom builders and regeneration specialists build much needed homes in Great Britain.

We are extremely proud to be the first developer invited to join. This is because our track record of planning and building developments in the heart of communities where people want to live. It’s also down to the fact that we embrace the latest methods of construction and in the case of our Weston Grove development – regenerating a former Government - owned brownfield site.

Working with precision engineered construction components has enabled us to progress quicker than normal with a residential development – whilst enhancing the build quality. In fact all our homes comfortably exceed the current buildings regulations and come with the independent industry standard Advantage warranty.

This will see us complete our Weston Grove development within 6-months and be ready to show people around the houses in June 2017.

The success of the Weston Grove development will put us in good stead with the Home Building Fund and we look forward to working with them again in the future. Keep an eye on our website to see our next development. We know it’s going to be special – but it’s just too early to release details yet.

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